SkyWatch Friday Five

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The sky was blue & cloudless on Sunday afternoon, but I was able to snap this picture of a little bird in the tree by our garage. I think it’s a starling, but I’m not sure.

  1. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & the Wailers
  2. Maybe Sparrow – Neko Case
  3. When Doves Cry – Prince & the Revolution
  4. Swan Swan Hummingbird – R.E.M.
  5. Roadrunner – Bo Diddley (One of my favorite versions of this song was made for the Backbeat soundtrack, which was actually a cover of a cover… Dave Grohl, Dave Pirner, Thurston Moore, Mike Mills, Greg Dulli and Don Fleming as the very young Beatles covering Bo Diddley – sounds weird, but it’s awesome.)

And, just in case you hadn’t heard…

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