Better Late Than Never

I realize that Valentine’s Day is a not-so-distant memory now, but I was neither available nor inclined to write about it a few days ago.

I am not Anti-Valentine’s Day by any means. I’m really not. I always get the wife something and try to send her flowers too. But our schedules got in the way this year. We were headed out of town over the weekend to visit family, so the flowers needed to wait. Call me weird, but I didn’t really want her to have to enjoy a withered mass of stems when we returned.

Our big Valentine’s dinner date consisted of a Culver’s butter burger & vanilla malt somewhere in central Kentucky on our trip back.

We did exchange cards & gifts Sunday night when we got home. I know this sounds odd, but we actually have a $10-15 limit on Valentine’s gifts. Not including flowers or dinner of course. We agreed to those conditions after we first got married for two reasons; first of all to keep our finances in check, and second to make ourselves be creative and silly. One of my finest moments was making her a mix-tape (cd) of twelve different versions of her all-time favorite song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They ranged from the original (Judy Garland) to the sublime (Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’) to the ridiculous (Tiny Tim) and everything in between.

But I was thinking; is that even an appropriate Valentine’s Day song? It is for her I guess because she loves it regardless. But to an outsider, what kind of message do lyrics like that send?

She can only dream of escaping me?

She thinks I’m a very good man, but a very bad wizard?

She prefers scarecrows?

So many love songs are just saccharine sweet and unrealistic. Not to mention that there are just so darn many of them out there. So I decided the more appropriate route to take would be to compile a short list of story songs about couples sung in the third person.

How’s that for some bizarre criteria?

And just for the record, just because they made the list, doesn’t mean I like them.

But regardless of how many Valentine’s Days we spend together or fail to celebrate, one thing is for certain; I am still madly in love with my wonderful, beautiful wife. Maybe even more now than ever before. She is my rock, my better-half, my best friend and my partner.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

One thought on “Better Late Than Never

  1. The image with this post cracked me up. EXCELLENT!!

    That last paragraph that you wrote? I bet that is enough for your “wonderful, beautiful wife.” I don’t want to speak for her or other women but if I may generalize… A sincere expression of love is so much better than a compulsary vase of flowers or a card.

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