You’re Breaking My Heart(s)

It started with three innocent boxes of Valentines candy that we had received from various kind-hearted gift givers.

Side note: We appreciate the sentiment of such gifts, but we’re not big chocolate candy eaters, and as usual we’re also on a diet. So I needed to get rid of the temptation by passing our good fortune on to… well, basically anyone who wanted them.

I was hesitant to put them out at work at first because it just seemed silly. But a coworker talked me into it just to see what would happen. So we sneaked them into the break room, unwrapped the boxes & removed the lids.

No “free candy” note.

No explanations.

We just left them there…

and took a picture:

That was 11:00 am – right before lunch time.

By the time lunch was over, the scene looked like this:

Not bad, less than half gone, but I really expected more to be pilfered.

Oh what a difference an hour makes:

Only three pieces left! And before we knew it:




It took less than three hours for three randomly placed, unclaimed, mystery boxes of chocolates to completely disappear!

So what can we learn from this little experiment; outside of the fact that the people in our office will consume just about anything if you make it accessible, regardless of whether or not they know where it came from? My conclusion is that nobody gave up chocolate for Lent. And if they did, they already cheated before the very first day was over!


One thought on “You’re Breaking My Heart(s)

  1. I would have nabbed a piece or two if I worked in your office!

    I edited my post! You made a great point. I didn’t actually change the content, just the label (definitely a cheat).

    And yes, I am always a silly girl. Always. Silly is a great coping mechanism :)

    Have a blessed day Scott!!

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