That Cat Just Ain’t Right

This is Chaps.

Well, that’s what we call him anyway. I’m not really sure what his name is. But his back two legs are solid white which makes him look like he’s wearing a pair or white fur chaps, as if he’s been shopping at the local fetish shop or starring in an adult kitty movie.

Chaps is in our yard a lot; walking across the hood of our car, tormenting the dog, or sometimes just hanging out. It seems like he’s in our yard more than wherever it is he belongs.

This picture was taken about five seconds after he scurried up a tree in our back yard in frantic pursuit of a young, playful squirrel and about five seconds before his less-than-graceful descent. He took about a step and a half down the trunk of the tree before falling nearly fifteen feet, hitting a few stray branches, and landing – not on his feet like most cats – but on his side with a loud “THWACK”!

Then, instead of jumping up and scurrying away, he casually repositioned and started licking himself as if nothing had just happened.

I don’t know exactly what, but there is something wrong with that cat.

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