An Open Letter to Wal-Mart Cashiers

Dear Cashier,


You are honestly going to audibly sigh, roll your eyes and mumble complaints just because I choose to use reusable shopping bags?

Is it really that big of an inconvenience?

I was once a Wal-Martian too you know. I stood where you are standing. And  I can’t believe that placing a customer’s purchased items is a reusable bag would really be that much more of a hassle than putting them in four times as many plastic ones.

Plastic bags that, by the way, take 450 years to biodegrade. Plastic bags than can end up in our oceans and be eaten by sea life thereby not only threatening their lives, but ours as we harvest them for seafood.

Sure they’re recyclable. But how many people actually recycle them? Not to mention that the recycling process for plastic bags emits heavy metals into the air causing tremendous air pollution which threatens, wait for it, our lives!

Did I mention that they’re made pretty shoddily too? I mean, by the time you make it to your car inevitably at least one of them has some sort of hole or tear in it; your newly purchased items teetering on the brink of falling through and landing in the middle of the parking lot. Not only do the reusable ones solve this dilemma, but they’re easier to carry and they hold more, reducing the number of trips it takes to carry them all in when you get home.

It can’t be anything but a win-win situation. Can it?

So your obvious disdain for reusable shopping bags is telling me what exactly? Is it telling me that you hate the earth? Is it saying that you actually want to contaminate and pollute our environment to the point that we all die slow, horrible deaths? Or is telling me that the 20 extra seconds that it might take for you to use them could disrupt your day so significantly that taking that chance is worth it?

Thank you Cashier.

I will take that into consideration.

But I will continue to be an inconvenience to you by carrying my own bags.

And I won’t apologize for it.

Yours truly,
The ArachNerd

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Wal-Mart Cashiers

  1. Man, you read my mind! Same thing happened to me. The dude audibly sighed and rolled his eyes. Unless you live in Providence, RI, this appears to be a pattern.

  2. Well, I’m a cashier at Walmart, and most of the time I hate getting handed customer’s reusable bags too.

    Reason one, most of the time the bags are dirty, and smell really bad, which isn’t good for your groceries anyway, but if that’s what the customer wants, that’s fine, I just hate smelling it.

    Reason two, most of the time, the bags don’t hang on our bag racks. If they do, and have the little hook on them, it’s helpful. Otherwise, I have to hold it open with one hand, and scan and bag with the other, which slows me down, and lowers my scanning numbers (IPH) which I have to keep high because my management looks at them.

    Reason three, I was handed a bag one day which was soaking wet. I asked the customer if anything she was buying was leaking. She said, “Oh, no, the baby was chewing on it.” OMG, that was disgusting. I was so happy I was wearing gloves, or I would’ve been sick right there.

    Reason four, usually the customer tells me they have bags after I’ve been scanning some of their order because there bags are underneath all of there stuff. I now have to un-bag everything, and re-bag it, which is annoying.

    Those are my big reasons for not being happy to see those reusable bags. I would love if we could collect the plastic ones at customer service that customers would bring back, and we could recycle those.

    Basically, if you are using clean reusable bags that have the hooks on them, and tell me before I start bagging that you have them, I won’t be annoyed. If you don’t, deal with it.

  3. I won’t re-bag the customer’s groceries if they have their bags at the bottom of their cart.It’s the customers fault they didn’t put the bags up right away.They can re-bag their stuff,if they don’t like it….well then that’s TOO BAD!

  4. I’m OK with people bringing their own bags. Just don’t buy a few weeks worth of groceries and only bring two bags, then expect me to figure out how to cram all your food into the bags without braking or squishing anything. This has happened more than once.

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