What’s in your perfect world?

[Via Soul Pancake]

  • The toilet paper roll is never empty.
  • People can differentiate between “you’re” and “your.”
  • Perforated pages tear clean every time.

In a perfect world, this just wouldn’t happen, right? According to designer Catrina Dulay, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Dulay has created a delightful, snarky, simple celebration of our everyday annoyances called In A Perfect World. Not only is it beautifully (and simply) designed, but Dulay says, “It’s also providing opportunities for people to relate to each other and think, ‘Yes! I hate it when that happens!'”

So far, there are 31 designs celebrating the perfection that is just out of reach in our imperfect lives. Of course, personally I have at least 100 little annoyances that I can think of. So, in the spirit of Dulay’s project, here is my personal list:

List 5 things that would make your world a little more perfect.

  1. Someone always brews another pot of coffee after taking the last cup
  2. My iPod intuitively knows what I want to listen to, even when I don’t
  3. Donuts are a healthy food choice
  4. All vehicles run on happy thoughts and positive energy rather than fossil fuels
  5. All of the people who use the public restroom before me are considerate and neat

Oh yeah, and on a larger scale, that whole “peace on earth” thing – that seems fairly important too.