I woke up in a crappy mood this morning.

I was mad at the cat, perturbed by the alarm clock, agitated at my lack of sleep, upset at a light in the basement, ticked-off at the dirty sock on the steps (which was my own, by the way), and just all-around grumpy.

I have been attempting to shake off this crankiness all morning – but so far nothing has worked.

I started on the drive to the office with music therapy. I tried following the advice of Steve Martin, who famously said, “The banjo is such a happy instrument–you can’t play a sad song on the banjo – it always comes out so cheerful.” Maybe it was too cheerful – because today it just irritated me. So I moved on to some mid-90’s alternative grrrrl rock, but I think it just made me madder. I ended with a heavy dose of They Might Be Giants – not even Triangle Man could make me want to sing along.

I keep telling myself that it’s Friday. All I have to do is get through this day and I can enjoy the weekend.


I know in my brain by the way that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I am fine. I have a good job to drive to and a loving wife that kissed me on my way out the door this morning and told me that she hoped I started feeling better. I have my faith in God… and Spring begins this Sunday!

So what’s my problem?

Right now, I am just trying to immerse myself in work – mostly busy tasks that will keep my mind occupied. But the voices in the office around me are getting increasingly annoying, forcing me to keep my headphones in to block them out.

Somebody needs to say something to lift my spirits.

Anyone have anything?… Anyone?… Anyone?… Bueller?… Bueller?…


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