Vernal Equinox

So Spring started on Sunday. In my house this is a blessing AND a curse!

We love the springtime because the weather gets nicer, the grass gets greener and the sun stays out longer. Just walking around our yard I can see daffodils and ornamental fruit trees blooming, as well as many plants and flowers peeking their first leaves from the ground. There is even an increase in the critter activity around the yard. It is a beautiful thing. It is like all of God’s promises being displayed at once.

We also both love to work in the yard. Just a moderate amount of physical activity in the sunshine makes us feel so much better. Having a decent looking yard also gives us a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Unfortunately, because of the overload of pollen in the air, it also means an almost instant attack on my allergies. My right eye has been red and itchy for days now no matter how many eye drops I put in it. I have had allergy triggered sinus headaches off and on for a while as well.

We have also seen a few house flies and gnats. Plus I hate the smell of burning leaves drifting in through the open windows – and everyone in our neighborhood loves to burn leaves.

But overall – we are more than happy to welcome in the Spring! …And not JUST because baseball season is right around the corner!

Go Cardinals!


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