Five on Friday: 5 Degrees of Separation

This week’s Five on Friday is in response to a challenge posed by the FOF Meme’s creator & host, Travis.

Here’s the challenge: instead of 5 songs that can be grouped together by a central theme, this list is comprised of 5 songs in which each song is in some way linked to the one before it. 5 songs – 5 degrees of separation.

And to make it even more interesting, Travis picked song number 1. So everyone participating today is starting from the same place, but I would imagine that we will all end up somewhere completely different.

I chose to link song and album titles. Here is the logic (if you can call it that):

  1. The beginning song is Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown.
  2. Come Around Sundown is the fifth studio album by Kings of Leon. One of my favorite songs on that album is titled Pyro.
  3. Pyromania is an early 80’s classic rock album by Def Leppard. The second single from that album was Rock of Ages.
  4. Rock of Ages is the title of a 1972 live double album by The Band. The Shape I’m In is one of their two songs (along with The Weight) most covered by other artists.
  5. The Colour and the Shape is the second studio album by the Foo Fighters. Since there is nothing else to link it to, I just chose my favorite song from that album, Everlong.

So there you go: from Gordon Lightfoot to Dave Grohl in 5 moves.

Impressive, no?

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Consider joining the Five on Friday crew – the rules are simple and its lots of fun. (And if you don’t then… you’re not cool) – Check out Travis’ site for more details!