Five on Friday: Water Water Everywhere

I live in Southern Illinois. It’s a great rural area framed by the natural beauty of the Shawnee National Forest and three large rivers; the Wabash, the Ohio, and the Mighty Mississippi. Unfortunately, we have been in the news lately for all of the wrong reasons. Our area, our homes, our businesses, and our neighbors are being threatened by floods. It is amazing how quickly the water can rise, but how slowly it goes back down.

Water has reached heights all around our region that haven’t been seen in any of our lifetimes. Earlier this week Governor Quinn declared it a disaster area which opens it up for aide, state resources, and other forms of help.

The people here are great though. Many have taken off work to help sandbag and move residents to safety. People putting their backs into it to help their neighbors is what community is all about. And I applaud the men & women who have volunteered.

At any rate – I know it’s silly, but I chose three songs about “floods” and a pair of tunes both titled “Down By The Water”. I hope you enjoy the selections – and if you are the praying kind, say one for our neighbors in Southern Illinois and the other areas affected by the high waters.


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(My thanks to Joe Jenkins & Beau Dodson for posting the above pictures on facebook)

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Water Water Everywhere

  1. It has been quite a year for fire and rain already with all the floods in Australia, the Japanese Tsunami, and now the Mississippi flood plain. The kindness of neighbors truly makes a community and I wish only the best for all those injured by the waters.

  2. I’m the praying kind. Done.

    Our state has seen it’s fair share of disaster lately too. I have been amazed at the relief efforts in our area. It seems like everyone is collecting items to send to the north central portion of Alabama. Seeing people be proactive and generous makes me so proud to be an Alabamian.

    Take care.

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