I’m a Slacker

Last Friday I openly hoped (through a Facebook status) that the weekend would be relaxing and stress-free for once. Someone must’ve heard me, because for the most part, it was! We worked a little around the house and yard, read a few chapters in our respective books, grilled out a meal or two, watched some bad TV, and listened to music.

Some might even say that we took it a little too far.

Any time I think of the word "slacker" I picture the movie Reality Bites for some reason - especially Ethan Hawke's character. To me, he will always be the epitome of a slacker.

When we woke up Sunday morning it was too late for us to make it to church – so we casually just skipped. And we skipped in style. We got up, got ready and went to Cracker Barrel for a little too much breakfast. Then we went to see a movie – an activity that has been severely lacking lately. That’s right – we replaced worship with a date. And I would be lying if I implied that it wasn’t great.

But as a guy who holds more than one church leadership position, the son of parents who have also held leadership positions nearly as long as I can remember, and the brother of a United Methodist pastor… to some extent I felt the unmistakable pang of guilt about it.

To be honest, I think it is fine to miss church occasionally. Sometimes it’s even necessary. And if I were to pull my fictional records from the last several years it would probably show a history of a few missed Sundays around the end of the school year / beginning of Summer. It is typically a time of decompression – at least for us.

And with my daughter’s upcoming nuptials in less than two weeks, we better take a day of rest and relaxation when and where we can get it.

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