Five on Friday: Rock and Roll All Nite

Okay – I have exposed my country & bluegrass side quite a bit here lately and as a result, I am feeling an overwhelming need to turn the amp up to eleven and ROCK! So I decided late yesterday that I would do a short series on my concert history – starting the journey exactly where I started in 1979, with KISS.

My parents took me and my brother to our very first live rock concert when we were both just kids, just about a month short of my eighth birthday. Judas Priest opened up for our favorite band in the world, KISS. The show had a profound impact on me and my musical history. I still absolutely love live music of all shapes and forms. There is just something about that shared experience of standing in a crowd of people, feeling the beat, screaming, singing along – it pulls you in and makes you a part of it. It is amazing. And for me, KISS started it all.

It seems like an eternity ago – and it was – but I still think about it occasionally. I was too young to remember a lot of details about the show, but there are definitely some memorable moments that can never be erased; like the band rising from beneath the fog-filled stage, Gene spewing blood and fire, Ace’s guitar flying from his hands and exploding over the crowd, Peter Criss’ massive drum solo…

Yeah, I kind of got upset at them in the 80’s when they changed their style a little to better compete with the hair-metal bands that were so popular at the time. But now I can look back at some of those songs that I was so critical of back then and realize they aren’t nearly as bad as I thought they were.

Here are four awesome “love” songs – and one of the many KISS tunes that anytime I hear it, makes my heart beat a little faster and makes me want to uncontrollably pump my fist in the air.

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Man, if it wasn’t for the Friday music posts, I wouldn’t be blogging much at all here lately. I really need to write more! Maybe I will soon… maybe.

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday: Rock and Roll All Nite

  1. Hard rock is difficult for me as I really dislike “Loud”. The nice thing about KISS is that you can turn them down and the songs still sound great. Love Gun and I was Made For Loving You are two favorites.

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