Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Summertime, and the living is easy.
Fish are jumping and the cotton is high.



Okay, let’s change that to, “Summertime, and the heat index is around 115° – Fish are poached and the grass is high enough to mow again already.” It doesn’t rhyme, but it certainly seems more accurate.

Yes friends, it is hot – very, very hot here in the Midwest. And I am beginning to think that road construction is an organic being that multiplies uncontrollably in high humidity, because more and more roads are blocked or diverted every day. But it is summer after all. What exactly did I expect?

So, what’s been happening – you know, besides the heat?

Well, our nine year old niece spent a few weeks with us after our daughter’s wedding. She has actually stayed with us for a few weeks every summer since she was a baby. Every year we try to take a few days during her stay to take her somewhere she hasn’t been before. This year’s trip was to Chicago. The decision to go to the Windy City was based almost exclusively on the fact that she is obsessed with Legos & the closest Legoland or Legoland Discovery Center is in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago.

It was evidently a good choice because after we left she declared that it was, in the most overly dramatic, Disney channel sitcom voice you can imagine, “THE BEST DAY OF HER WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!” The rest of the weekend was pretty good too, but how can Shedd Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo, Sears Tower & Navy Pier compete with the best day of her whole entire life? It can’t – but it can come close. Except that we totally forgot to purchase a pressed penny from Shedd – the one thing that she tries to collect from everywhere we go – so if anyone happens to be going…

The most important thing that we did, as far as I was concerned, was eat legitimate Chicago-style pizza: which, for the record, other people and places can advertise, but absolutely cannot deliver. It was my one “must-do” on the trip. And it was totally worth it.

I also enjoyed stumbling across the Shepard Fairey mural under an overpass near Navy Pier. The art nerd in me totally geeked-out when I saw it.

But we had to take the crazy little kid home last weekend – actually we met her parents half-way in Louisville to save us both the long road trip. So now the house is quieter, the cats are getting much less attention, and the floors need less frequent vacuuming.

But we miss her.

And the summer rolls on… or BOILS on, in this heat!