Dancin’ on the (debt) Ceiling

I don’t talk politics very often on my blog – and for good reason. I am not a fan of politics. I follow them because I want to know what is going on, but I keep my opinions mostly to myself. This whole debt ceiling debate is getting under my skin though.

President Obama called last night for us to make our voices heard. Well, here’s my voice, “I AM SICK OF IT!”

I am not “for” or “against” either side here. No, I am calling for peace. I am calling for unity. Both sides are quick to talk about what the founding fathers wanted or what the country was built on – I will tell you this; I believe that the founding fathers would be absolutely appalled at what we have turned our government into. It is currently looking more like what they were trying to escape from in the first place. And the whole system, including the media that covers it, is to blame.

The rhetoric and propaganda need to stop now.

So here is my voice – my letter to Congress & the President (that neither party will read):

Dear Lawmakers,

Historically, government works best when a single entity does not have full control. Please get over your petty partisan politics and for once actually accomplish something for the people of this country – not just one group.

Yes, that means compromise.

Yes, that means actually working together for a greater good.

Yes, that means you probably won’t get everything that you (or the PAC’s that control you) want.

Work together – or go home and let someone else do it – either way, America wins.

the ArachNerd