Five on Friday – Postmarked

There has been quite a bit of talk lately about the possibility of the US Postal Service disappearing from our national landscape. If things continue to go the way they are now, the USPS could lose as much as $10 Billion this year. They have already set plans in motion to close a number of local post offices around the country. And personally, that makes me a little sad.

The post office is an integral part of that Norman Rockwell-esque image of utopian rural America that is so near and dear to many of our hearts. For many people in the small town where I live, seeing each other at the post office is just part of their daily routine. I love to see the old-timers driving their riding lawn mowers to town to get their mail. It makes me smile inside.

I know being a computer nerd that I should embrace the technology/electronic revolution – and I have to some extent – but I hate the fact that by embracing one thing that another thing has to die. It doesn’t seem fair. I don’t even like the fact that when they made a movie based on Jimmy Stewart’s The Shop Around the Corner, they had to update the story to change letters to emails (You’ve Got Mail).

I know this may sound old fashioned, and maybe it is, but I feel like the art of letter writing is a thing of the past. You can send all of the emails and facebook messages your thumbs can type, but it will never have the same personal feeling or sentiment as a hand-written note, letter, or card. It just won’t. And if the Post Office goes away, it will make it just that much more difficult to get them to the recipient. It will be just one more nail in the coffin of our already struggling small towns.

This is a list of songs that wouldn’t exist without the mail:

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Bonus Song (And possibly the best one on the list):

5 thoughts on “Five on Friday – Postmarked

  1. You have said exactly what I’ve been thinking in regards to the US Postal System going under and it makes me quite sad also. I can remember when one of the highlights growing up in a small town was going out to get the mail and seeing what the postman may have left that day. And you are so right about the fine art of letter writing. Nothing will ever beat a real honest-to-goodness hold-it-in-your-hands letter! Email just will never be the same – ever.

    Great set of songs to go along with the topic, too!

  2. I think ti was a same that the postal service was made a private enity instead of staying a part of the federal govenment.that is one of the problems. aside from that you created a great set of music to listen to.thank you!

  3. Terrific Set. It bothers me too that technological advancement often means that something is destroyed to make way for the new thing. We’re almost becoming conditioned to built-in obsolescence because the great new techno-gadget you buy today is very nearly obsolete right off the shelf because the next upgrade is right around the corner.

    But looking at it from the positive, the quaintness of a mailed letter gives way to the immediacy of electronic communication, which enables us to “meet” more people, which makes the world an even smaller place. And for those of us who respect and revere the written word, the composition of an email is virtually the same as the composition of a physical letter. I still spell out all the words ad use proper punctuation and salutations.

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