and miles to go before I sleep

This has been one of “those” weeks at work.

I have 100 or more things to accomplish before my scheduled departure at noon today, but I have a server that is having trouble staying on for any length of time.

So far I have been able to keep it running with a complex system of duct tape, bailing wire and chewing gum. I also have to be careful to only whisper around it, so that it doesn’t freak out on me.

I had intentions of writing 2 or 3 posts this week, but life had a counter-offer that I couldn’t refuse… unfortunately.

Here is the song I think my system has been listening to this week, and taking the title a little too literally.

Raise a glass to next week being better than this one!

One thought on “and miles to go before I sleep

  1. Our IT group is taking a pounding this week as they complete some system migrations associated with our recent office location. This is the big weekend for major server relocation. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that all goes well for them.

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