Q&A With the ArachNerd’s Granddaughter

While babysitting the most awesome baby girl on the planet (aka; my first grandchild, who – since this is a public blog – I will refer to as “T”) I decided to test her little brain so that we know what we’re dealing with. Here are the results:

Let’s start off kind of easy, shall we… What is 2 + 3?


Excellent! The answer is 5. How about the square root of 25?


Nicely done, Sweet T. I think you’ve got a handle on math. Let’s move on to science. What is the atomic number of the element ‘Boron’?


Whoa! You’re good, kid. So if the planets in our solar system were numbered 1-8, beginning with the closest to the sun, what number would Jupiter be?


That’s right. (And we won’t even begin to get into the Pluto discussion right now – not until you’re at least 9 months old.) Let’s try a different subject. Which constitutional amendment protects against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure?


The Fifth Amendment is correct, Baby T. Very good! How about popular culture? Of the six Star Wars movies, which one is the best?


That’s right – Episode 5, the Empire Strikes Back! (I know technically that’s kind of a subjective question, but you knew what answer your grandpa wanted to hear, didn’t you? Smart!) Ok, out of her 15 Grammy Nominations, how many has Lady Gaga actually won (undeservedly)?


Dang Little T, that was a tough one, but you got it! Last question, baby girl; when Matt Holliday was traded from the Rockies to the Cardinals in 2009, he had to change his number to 15, and then change it again to 7 the following year. What number did he wear for the majority of his career before coming to St. Louis?


8 for 8! I’m impressed!



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