Meet ArachNerd

As John Mellencamp once said, “I was born in a small town.” And, yes, I will probably die in a small town too. By “small” I mean a rural community in Southern Illinois with two gas stations, one restaurant, no stop-lights, and at least 15 churches for just over 1500 people. For whatever reason, I’ve never really felt like I belonged here; never truly fit in. My tastes, desires, beliefs & aspirations never conformed to the status quo. And that was (and is) okay by me. On the other hand though, there’s no place on Earth I would rather be.

  • I consider myself to be a Progressive Christian in a place nestled firmly in the northern border of the Bible Belt.
  • I once asked for a Democratic ballot in a primary election, to which the lady across the table responded, “Scotty Scotty Scotty…” in that “shame on you” sing-song kind of way that only older ladies can do.
  • Two of my favorite hang-outs during and after college were the public library & the art museum.
  • I have taken great pleasure in wearing rock t-shirts that provoked the response, “who is that?”

It’s just who I am.

I’m the devoted, faithful husband to a wonderfully cynical & smart-assed woman. I’m the father of a silly, smart, talented young lady from a previous marriage. I am a son & grandson, an artistic soul with a computer tech job, an active member of my local United Methodist Church, and an avid collector of both Star Wars & St. Louis Cardinals paraphernalia (especially baseball cards & bobbleheads).

I’m a large, hug-loving, friendly, caring, teddy-bear of a man. Yet I am also cynical, skeptical, opinionated, self-deprecating, and above all; a dork. I may not always agree with you, but I will probably not argue with you either because I believe your opinions & values are just as valid as mine.

So why on earth would I start blogging? I don’t know. I don’t like bloggers. I guess I just felt like I needed an outlet; somewhere to vent, or speculate, or blow hot air whenever I felt like it. Plus, I just like to write. I may not be a great writer, but I truly enjoy it. Do I have anything profound or new to say? Probably not. I don’t expect anyone to read this stuff or even care anyway. Oh well. I’ve almost talked myself out of it now… almost.

(¯”•.¸(¯”•.¸ <the ArachNerd> ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)

By the way, my odd moniker “ArachNerd” was derived years ago from a combination of references to my pet Tarantulas and my occupation as a Systems Administrator. I chose it while trying to create a profile on a message board & everything I tried was already taken… for whatever reason, it stuck!

If you like artist Len Peralta’s interpretation of “The ArachNerd” in the sidebar, check out his site Monster By Mail and pick a monster up of your own!