Monday Miscellany

Overworked & Underpaid

Well, not really I guess. I am just super busy today. More physical labor than I am used to anyway. Sure helps the day go by quickly though! So this is going to be short & sweet out of pure necessity.

Hay Ride

Last night was our church’s annual autumn hay ride/weenie roast. I opted out of the hay ride because of my allergies. We stayed behind, sat around the fire and acted silly (as we are prone to do). But I totally underestimated the effect the smoke from the fire would have on my sinuses anyway. My head still hurts. Oh well – it was still a good time.

New Music

I picked up Darius Rucker’s new “country” CD on a whim yesterday. I know that doesn’t seem like a music geek kind of thing to buy, but I’ve been a Hootie fan for a while and had heard a few of the new songs here and there and frankly my curiosity was piqued. And you know what? It ain’t bad. It’s a pretty good marriage of country and jangle pop. And it’s totally listenable. Haven’t listened to it enough yet for it to make What’s on the iPod, but it has potential.