Something to Think About

My blog bud Jen, aka the Dust Bunny Hostage, posed an interesting question this morning:

“Why do you blog?”

Since my posts have been rather scarce lately, I have thought about this question quite a bit. And it has been compounded by the fact that a few of the people that inspired me to take it up have also either slowed their own blogging way down, or shut their blogs down completely.

Who has two thumbs and likes random pictures of monkeys? This guy!

One of the biggest reasons I started blogging was to give myself an excuse to write. I am not a great writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy the craft of it. And much like any talent or skill, the old saying holds true; use it or lose it. And I certainly didn’t want to lose it. Of course, now that I am back in school, and the program that I am in requires me to write a ten page research paper every five weeks, this is turning out to not be such a huge concern right now. Although it is nice to write something occasionally in which I don’t have to cite references and talk in the third-person.

To anyone who actually knows me, the whole idea of me writing essays for the world to read is counterintuitive. I am severely introverted and quiet; a typical type B personality for sure. But somehow I have expanded my own boundaries to not only blogging, but also public speaking by becoming a Local Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it works for me and gives me an outlet.

Since 2007 I have tried several different approaches to blogging:

  • I have attempted to be witty and snarky.
  • I have simply shared stories from my own life, regardless of how boring or mundane they might have been.
  • I have blogged about music, movies, TV, graphic novels, food, and baseball.
  • I have had slow days when I simply threw up a random iPod playlist.
  • I have participated in international photo blogging.
  • I have consciously avoided politics, but written extensively on religion – even using my blog to help me fulfill Lenten and Advent commitments to myself once or twice.
  • I have participated in a few Internet Memes, even before I knew how to pronounce it. (Just in case you still don’t, it rhymes with “team”.)
  • I have flown my Geek-Flag high and proud.

Jen suggested that some people blog for the comments. And though it did give me the warm tinglies when a few semi-famous people responded to posts about them (including Big Sandy of Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys and Thom Zahler, the creator of the web comic Love & Capes) – and I did get a rush when I had a tiny brush with international blogosphere fame when I wrote a short, silly post about “Cassoulet Forever” – recognition or conversation has never really been what this blog was about. It is almost a moot point anyway since the Facebook phenomenon took off. At Facebook less thought can be put into each update sparking loads of conversation about nothing at all at the drop of a hat; usually filled with poor grammar, no punctuation, and unnecessary abbreviations.

So the question remains… why do I blog?

And I have to be honest – at this point, I don’t really know outside of the fact that I just simply enjoy it.

Is that enough reason?

What’s in your perfect world?

[Via Soul Pancake]

  • The toilet paper roll is never empty.
  • People can differentiate between “you’re” and “your.”
  • Perforated pages tear clean every time.

In a perfect world, this just wouldn’t happen, right? According to designer Catrina Dulay, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Dulay has created a delightful, snarky, simple celebration of our everyday annoyances called In A Perfect World. Not only is it beautifully (and simply) designed, but Dulay says, “It’s also providing opportunities for people to relate to each other and think, ‘Yes! I hate it when that happens!'”

So far, there are 31 designs celebrating the perfection that is just out of reach in our imperfect lives. Of course, personally I have at least 100 little annoyances that I can think of. So, in the spirit of Dulay’s project, here is my personal list:

List 5 things that would make your world a little more perfect.

  1. Someone always brews another pot of coffee after taking the last cup
  2. My iPod intuitively knows what I want to listen to, even when I don’t
  3. Donuts are a healthy food choice
  4. All vehicles run on happy thoughts and positive energy rather than fossil fuels
  5. All of the people who use the public restroom before me are considerate and neat

Oh yeah, and on a larger scale, that whole “peace on earth” thing – that seems fairly important too.

Day of Passing Playlist

(via SoulPancake;)

“Amazing tradition. They throw a great party for you on the one day they know you can’t come.” — Jeff Goldblum (as Michael Gold in The Big Chill)

Eight college friends search for lost ideals following the death of their mate Alex in Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill, and brilliantly setting the stage is Kasdan’s iconic opening scene, where JoBeth Williams (as Karen Bowens) starts playing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Stones on a booming church organ. Each of the characters knowingly smiles at the first chords of the song. And a minute later, Mick Jagger’s rendition joins the soundtrack. In an instant, you’re thinking about love and life, memories and friendships, as well as your own death. So, thinking about the group of people that will likely come together over you one day, what songs sum up your life and would bring smiles to those left behind?


List 5 songs you would add to the playlist for your funeral.

Okay, so it’s kind of a dark, depressing subject. But it is Halloween week after all.  So here is my list:

  1. Iron & Wine – the Trapeze Swinger
  2. U2 – Love Rescue Me
  3. Lyle Lovett – Don’t Cry a Tear
  4. Norah Jones – The Long Day is Over
  5. Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

Nine Is Enough

A challenge issued by Soul Pancake, which I heard of through a tweet from Rainn Wilson (no laughing!):

Write a five-item list of things you’d actually be willing to chop off your pinkie-toe for.

Sure there are lots of things I want, probably many of the same things everyone else wants; like for every meal to include some form of bacon, for baseball season to last twelve months a year, or for someone to invent a car that burns stupid people for fuel. But what sorts of things would I be willing to send my littlest digit crying “wee-wee-wee” all the way home for?

  1. The assurance that my wife & daughter would forever be happy
  2. The end of the world’s reliance on energy sources that aren’t naturally renewable
  3. A cure for cancer
  4. World Peace
  5. An UNDO button for real life situations


Come on people – join in & share your lists!