Twenty Eleven is the year I officially become “old”.

Not really of course, but I like to say it occasionally around my wife just to watch her reaction.

Seriously though, this is the year when two major things that do not happen to “young” people happen to me:

First of all; this is the year I turn the big four-oh!

Yes sir. On the tenth day of the second month, I will be 40 years young. It is pretty hard for me to believe, but it is happening. The thing is, my hair has been turning grey and my joints have been telling me when the weather was going to change for longer than I can remember already. So nothing is really going to change. I’m seriously not worried about the number – it’s just bizarre to say out loud.




Oh well.

And secondly; my one and only daughter – my little baby girl – is getting married this year.

Before Christmas, her boyfriend came to our house to ask our permission to ask for her hand – which, quite frankly, earned the kid some points in our book. It was a moment that I knew would come someday. But still, it snuck up on me like that gang of raptors in Jurassic Park.

“We’re being hunted.”

On June 25th I will officially walk my beautiful daughter down the aisle, and hand her off to the man that will be her husband. It is another one of those surreal moments that no matter how imminent I know it is – no matter how prepared I think I am for it to happen – just seems strange.

So this is it!

2011 is the year I become a 40-year-old father-in-law.

And I feel fine.

However, I am still trying to decide exactly what direction I want to steer my mid-life crisis. Sports car? Tattoo? Maybe go the American Beauty route minus the illegal substances and teenage girls? Nah. I love my wife like crazy, prefer driving my big sexy truck, and have a severe aversion to pain. Instead I did what a normal, nerdy dad does when facing major life events – I bought a Wii.

As a friend at work told me, “welcome to five years ago.”